PET Food Processing - March 2018 - 18


benefits of grain-free food and the benefits of specific active ingredients will help better address the health needs
of their customers. Giving associates questions to ask,
for example, 'Does your pet have any food allergies or
sensitivities? What is your biggest concern about your
pet's health? Do they have a favorite protein?' helps
retailers better tailor their suggestions to the individual
pet and provide a more personalized experience for the

Staying relevant

For Royal Canin, the
true measure of a
formula's success is
visible results in the
pet's health.

how Nulo's products address current market demands."
Education resources has also been successful for
Redbarn. Cooper says, "For us, displaying educational
materials at point-of-purchase is key to increasing sales.
In addition, proper training of store associates on the

Royal Canin



Aside from meeting the nutritional regulatory guidelines around the globe, pet food processors must keep
a finger on the pulse of the consumer they serve. The
enhanced relationship enjoyed by both pet and parent
through an enjoyable feeding experience, or treat bonding experience, is a valuable benefit for which pet owners are willing to pay. If a pet food is going to remain
relevant with today's consumer, they must provide a
portfolio of products that resonate with the buyer's beliefs while enticing the pet's enthusiasm for the food.

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