PET Food Processing - March 2018 - 2

Grinding & Portioning
The Vemag precisely grinds
and portions fresh product
into chub packaging and is
easily adaptable for all types
of products and outputs.

Coextruding & Portioning
Two Vemags and a
Coextruder attachment
produce an endless
assortment of exact-weight
filled treats.

Multi-Lane Extruding
The Vemag and a
Waterwheel attachment
extrude multiple lanes of
pellets, meat sticks and jerky
with consistent thickness,
width and length.

The Vemag and a Sheeting
attachment extrude smooth,
uniform, continuous sheets
of product with consistent
thickness and width.

The versatile Vemag is your single solution for producing a
wider variety of innovative pet food products.
The Vemag will prove to be the most versatile
machine in your plant, providing efficient,
high-speed production of a wide range of pet
food products. The reliable Vemag sets the standards
for portioning accuracy, speed, product quality and
consistent performance. It incorporates a number of
innovative attachments that can be swapped out in
minutes, giving you the flexibility to produce everything
from fresh meat chubs, jerky, meat sticks
and pellets to sheeted
products, shaped biscuits,
filled treats and more.
The Vemag is
available in a
Canton, MA * (781) 821-1290
Reiser Canada
Burlington, ON * (905) 631-6611

Booth 101

variety of sizes to meet virtually any production
requirement. All models feature stainless steel
construction to ensure the
highest level of hygiene. With
more than fifty years of food
processing expertise, Reiser and
Vemag can help you maximize your
range of pet food offerings.
Use our customer support
team and state-of-the-art test
center to help you generate
ideas, develop recipes and
produce new products using
the innovative Vemag.

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