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ucts and processing parameters. For the meat sticks
line, Plato found an equipment supplier willing to
share the risk of innovation. "I contacted different
equipment manufacturers and started picking their
brains. Eventually, I found the Handtmann ConPro
alginate casing system that ultimately solved our
problem," Merrell says.
Nobody handed Merrell the answer, but
Handtmann Inc., Lake Forest, Illinois, was instrumental in helping Merrell find the solution.
"Handtmann was such a big step for us because
they were more collaborative than anybody that
I've ever worked with in the past," Merrell explains.
"They actually hadn't done what we were doing, so
a lot of Handtmann's ideas were theoretical. They
had used that technology in other applications, but
they weren't sure if it was going to work for what we
Plato offers dehydrated salmon, chicken and duck in small
bites, strips and sticks, plus turkey strips with pumpkin, sweet
potatoes or cranberries.

Impacting Industries Worldwide.


* Widely recognized as industry's highest efficiency, highest performance
hammermill line.
* Engineered strength in 19" through 52" models with up to 600 horsepower
* Utilized in wide variety of applications including wood, paper, cereal grains,
by-products, oil seeds, food products, pet food and aquatic feeds.

* Engineered features include positive feed distribution, reversible tapered
shouldered dies, three roll configuration, integral die hoist, hydraulic disc brake
overload protection, two stage belt drive and hydraulic belt tensioning.
* Features one of the industry's highest performance to productivity ratios.



* Exclusive distribution system in combination with circular design provides
unmatched cooling uniformity.
* Wide range of models available with capacities up to 130 tons per hour.
* Wide variety of applications including animal feeds, pet food, aquatic feed,
paper, wood, plastic, meat and bone meal, and flaked grains.

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