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Farm-raised chicken with accents of blueberries, pumpkin and spinach are
the feature ingredients in Nestle Purina Petcare Co.'s Beneful grain-free dry
dog food.
Nestle Purina Petcare

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and wonder if their pet would find it tasty based on previous
"The leading factor in making a pet food purchasing decision
is taste, as some pets can be very picky eaters," Watson says. "For
dogs and cats in particular, their sense of smell and taste is so
much better than our own that flavor and aroma really play a
major role in whether or not the product is accepted."
Food has to be safe and nutritionally balanced, but if the pets
don't like the flavor, they will not eat it.
"Pet-owner shoppers are generally looking for meat as the
first ingredient, and that makes sense, since meat is the main
component of the ancestral diet of our dogs and cats," Watson
says. "Many also look for a single source of protein. There are
a significant number of dogs, for example, that have difficulty
digesting or tolerating certain proteins. Therefore, it becomes
necessary to restrict which proteins are in their diet. Consumers
must be able to trust that the proteins labeled in the ingredient statement are really the only proteins or meats used in the
manufacture of that dog or cat food."
Single-sourced animal protein presents a challenge to pet food
manufacturers in terms of palatant application. To support the
claim for a single source of animal protein, the company must apply a palatant made with the same specific protein. In response,
companies such as Kemin have developed palatants made with

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