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Crave brand from
Mars Petcare offers
flavors reminiscent
of wolf and wildcat
ancestral diets.
Mars Petcare

filet mignon-flavored dog food, or a fish vs. wild salmon-flavored cat food. More descriptive flavor descriptions can make finished products appear to be of greater
quality and worth spending a few extra dollars."
For example, the new Vita Bone Artisan-Inspired
Soft Treats from American Pet Nutrition, Ogden, Utah,
which are made with real meat, fruit and veggies. The
treats are described as thoughtfully crafted and come
in five flavors "with smells this good, you'd think we
made them for you," states the company. Varieties are:
barbecue chicken with sweet potatoes; country biscuits,
sausage and gravy; maple bacon and blueberry; turkey
pot roast with red potatoes; and turkey, stuffing and
Such culinary inspirations don't typically contain all of
these ingredients; rather, they are delivered through flavor and aroma systems. It's important to work with suppliers that ensure pet food ingredients, including flavor
systems, contain only compounds deemed safe for pets.
There are many ingredients recognized as safe for humans that can be detrimental to pets. The Association of

PET food

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