PET Food Processing - March 2018 - 61



By communicating
product needs up front,
pet food processors can
ensure they get the right extrusion
system ... and one that will last.

By Charlotte Atchley |


Commercial food manufacturing equipment is no
small investment. When shelling out the dough for a
new state-of-the-art machine, pet food processors expect the equipment to last. Equipment must weather
product changes, throughput increases and the everyday wear and tear commercial pet food processing
puts on a machine.
Pet food and treats are changing in raw materials
and forms. "Pet food processors don't want any of the
cereals," says Mian Riaz, Ph.D., department head, extrusion technology program, Texas A&M University,
College Station, Texas. "They want all proteins and
new grains like quinoa. We're seeing all kinds of new
ingredients and carb-free, gluten-free and grain-free."
These new ingredients, free-from and high-protein
products all require different equipment components
and settings and have an impact on the equipment. It's
important that the extrusion system can deliver the

desired finished product to ensure optimized production and maximum equipment life. To adapt to these
changing product needs equipment must be flexible
to handle changeovers quickly and efficiently.
Finally, keeping equipment clean and well maintained helps it run smoothly with minimal interruptions. Clean equipment produces pet food and treats
that meet a processor's high standards more consistently and efficiently. And pet food processors can
extend the life of their extruders by implementing a
maintenance program.

In Clextral's Preconditioner+,
the additional conveying
bottom screw allows
operators to completely
empty the tank quickly,
which is useful in speedy
cleaning and changeovers.

Choose the appropriate equipment
The key to equipment that will last is choosing the right
equipment in the first place. "Depending upon the type
of extruder, different functions can be performed,"
says Galen Rokey, process technology director, Wenger
Manufacturing, Sabetha, Kansas. "These include expan- | March 2018 | PET FOOD PROCESSING


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