PET Food Processing - March 2018 - 68


"If the system was built for one product and
one product only, then likely the wrong
machine was selected."
John McIsaac, Reiser

array of viscosities. "A piece of equipment designed to
be versatile, like a Vemag extruder, will have the ability
to swap pumping elements or front-end attachments to
allow for new products," Reiser's McIsaac says.
The Vemag extruder, offered by Reiser, features a
powerful positive displacement double-screw pump that
provides high portioning accuracy while transporting
product gently without degradation. There are a number
of double-screw configurations offered which allows pet
food processors to produce a variety of products with
one machine. "A Vemag using a double-screw to produce a high volume of dense product can also be used to



produce a highly accurate stream of liquid product with
a simple change of the double-screw pumping element,"
McIsaac explains.

Maintained for the long haul
A thorough and routine sanitation and maintenance
program can keep an extruder running efficiently for
many years. Conveniently, many of the same characteristics that make extruders flexible also make them easy
to clean and maintain.
"A lot of the new equipment design improvements
focus on food safety," Riaz says. "Today, responsibility

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