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After months of planning and strategizing, including the
dedication of significant resources and input from the processor and supplier communities, Pet Food Processing is a reality. It's been exciting to take a deep dive into this dynamic
industry. In Sosland Publishing Co.'s rich, 95-year history, pet
food and pet treat processing stories have graced the pages of
Baking & Snack, MEAT+POULTRY, Milling & Baking News,
Food Business News and other titles because, as processors
can attest, pet food and pet treats cross over into multiple areas of both the animal feed and human food industries. Pet
food processors must cover a lot of ground to find solutions
that address their customers' demands in this fractured and
increasingly sophisticated market. Passion is a common and
refreshing thread in this arena. Without fail, those whom I've
met share their personal interest in pets and their passion to
provide products that make pets healthy and happy.
It's a good thing those in this industry have a large dose of
passion because bringing a pet food or treat product to market is extremely challenging. Finding the suppliers and equipment manufacturers and experts to help processors solve the
challenges that their unique products create is key to success.
That process can involve many starts and stops and dead ends
before the answer can be unearthed. Conversation, communication and collaboration are key. With the speed of change
today, it takes a collaborative effort to stay current, relevant
and competitive.
A wise pet treat processor recently shared his philosophy
with me for finding new solutions. He said a lot of the success
he's achieved was the result of talking to people and not expecting anything in return. It's about being open and positive
to hear people's stories, and then you can hear opportunity.
There are a lot of ways, he said, that
you can add value to other people that
doesn't cost you anything and doesn't
expose you to risk. Why not be open
to those connections? You never know
where they might lead.
I believe there is always room for
absorbing more information, for sharing ideas and sharing lessons learned. I invite you to share,
engage, mentor, solicit help and even contradict, so we all can
collectively keep pace with the fast-approaching future.
Jennifer Semple | Editor,



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