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Sanitary design applies to raw materials and packaging materials
from production lines and equipment to the finished product.

meets sanitary design principles. Processors need
to be well educated and self regulated. Look at
all the equipment options, talk to the equipment
manufacturers, ask about their design principles
and most importantly know the characteristics of
the product you want to produce and the plan to
clean the equipment."
Martinez concludes, "Sanitary equipment design plays a big role in the safety of both our products and people. It has a positive impact on the entire manufacturing environment. The investment
of properly designed equipment makes processes
easier, more reliable and more consistent, which
can make operations more efficient - both in cost
as well as time. Simplified cleaning procedures
means less human interaction with the machines,
which positively impacts safety, labor and equipment downtime." PFP

AMF Bakery Systems introduces a complete line of
Sigma Arm Mixers for all of your pet food processing
needs. With over 50 years in continuous pursuit of
better product quality and improved reliability, AMF
has the Sigma Arm advantage. The round, tubular
open frame design provides easy access sanitation
combined with an innovative direct tilt system for
improved safety and more efficient maintenance.

From Mixer to Marketplace.

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