PET Food Processing - March 2018 - 88

Affinity Dicer Triumphs Over Difficult Products
The Affinity Dicer is the largest dicer Urschel manufactures. It specializes
in cutting difficult-to-cut meat products such as soft meats, cold temperature applications, or meats with high fat content. The machine accepts a
large in-feed product size of up to 10 in. (254 mm) in largest single product dimension. All transitional components work with the cutting elements
to maintain positive advancement of the product throughout the cutting

SafeNature ULTRA Performance Antioxidant
FoodSafe Technologies recently announced an addition to its SafeNature
line of antioxidant products for pet and human food processors. SafeNature
ULTRA is a botanical extracted antioxidant which provides increased performance from typical botanical antioxidants. By increasing critically important tocopherols, SafeNature ULTRA allows for greater predictive oxidative
stability matched in lower application rates and delivers predictable oxidation defense and longer shelf life performance.

Automated Pet Treat Production System
Reading Bakery Systems (RBS) offers a pet treat production system for
creating baked pet treats. This system includes mixing, forming, baking
and drying equipment, and is capable of producing up to 3000 kg/hr. The
Exact EX Continuous Mixer is ideal for both soft, chewy and hard, crunchy
pet treats. RBS offers forming equipment options to create a variety of pet
treats, including rotary molded, extruded and sheeted products. For baking
and drying, RBS supplies high velocity convection ovens and dryers.

Single Sigma Open Frame Mixer
Topos Mondial manufactures Single Sigma, Open-Frame, sanitary-designed, horizontal mixers with up to a 160 degree bowl over-tilt. These mixers offer 600-lb. through 3000-lb. batch capacities. Custom mixing controls
and optional VFD controls with a dynamic brake can add mixing versatility.
The heavy duty "Hytos" hydraulic bowl tilting package is accessible under
the stainless-steel lift-off cover. The bowl has sanitary main-shaft seals and
bowl-to-canopy seals that are easily removable without the use of tools.

Automated Forming Solution for Pet Snacks and Sticks
The servo controlled Handtmann FS 510 Multi-lane Forming Solution produces long, dimensionally-stable, premium-quality, skinless, snack sticks,
bricks and bites with precise shapes and gram-sensitive portioning accuracy at up to 250 cuts/minute in 6- to 24-lane configurations. The VF 800
Vacuum Filler/FS 510 forming lines offer pet food snack and stick processors the ability to form products in a variety of cross-sections and produce
them at volumes requiring high speed automation in one line.



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