PET Food Processing - March 2018 - 89

Traditional and Natural Shelf Life Solutions
Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) offers a full line of traditional and natural shelflife solutions. CFS ingredients Xtendra™ and NaSure™ antioxidant solutions help protect the oxidative stability of pet food. Xtendra is a traditional
shelf-life extension that protects the oxidative stability of ingredients from
the raw material stage to the finished product. NaSure allows processors
more options with natural ingredients, including natural antioxidants to stabilize fats, oils and finished pet food ingredients.

Extrusion Solutions
Wenger is a leading supplier of pet food processing systems. Available in
single- and twin-screw designs, Wenger extruders have capacities up to 22
tons/hr. in multiple configurations. A new Wenger Thermal Twin Processing
System maximizes versatility on products ranging from ultra-premium high
meat foods and treats to classic dry kibbles. With its unique barrel design,
the Thermal Twin Series allows inclusion of up to 125% fresh meat for
greater versatility than ever before. | March 2018 | PET FOOD PROCESSING


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