PET Food Processing - March 2018 - 90


Slicing for Fresh and Tempered Meats
The TWISAN dicer from TREIF provides solutions pet food producers need.
The TWISAN addresses the challenges of cutting products like beef, pork,
chicken and fish whether they be fresh or tempered down to 24oF. When
cutting meat for freeze-dried or dehydrated pet treats, precision and consistency are needed. No other technology offers the level of performance,
safety, hygiene or value as the TWISAN from TREIF.

Automatic Sealing/Clipping Machine
The TSCA 160 from Poly-clip is a fully-automated, all-in-one, sealing and
clipping, packaging machine for chub and roll-style pet food. It consists of a
synchronized automatic sealing machine and double-clipper, and processes flat film from a roll into a ready-to-fill tube which is securely closed by the
integral clipping unit. The TSCA is operator-friendly and easily programmable via the central Safety-Touch panel.

2D Dicer for Cubes or Strips
The Carruthers DuraKut 6000 2D VFD-Servo Dicer from Marlen
International is designed and built in the USA for size reduction versatility
with both raw pet food ingredients and pet treats. The DuraKut produces
accurate, consistent sizing without ripping or tearing the product. Its robust
durable design with tool-free disassembly reduces change-over and sanitation tear down times for different cut sizes.

Pet Food Former-Extruder
The Vemag from Reiser enables high-speed production of pet food products. The portioning accuracy, speed, product quality and consistent performance of the Vemag incorporates innovative attachments and provides the
flexibility to produce everything from fresh meat chubs, jerky, meat sticks
and pellets to sheeted products, shaped biscuits, filled treats and more.
Reiser invites pet food processors to use its team of application specialists
and customer center to develop new products using the innovative Vemag.

Plant-Based Nutrition Solutions
Van Drunen Farms develops custom, plant-based, ingredient blends inhouse to create nutritious pet formulations crafted from a fully transparent
supply chain. Whether it is sweet potato, pumpkin, high-quality trace minerals or any of the hundreds of natural ingredients Van Drunen Farms manufactures, the company offers unique and functional delivery formats for its
pet ingredients.



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