PET Food Processing - June 2018 - 12


"Organs are a vital
part of cats' and dogs'
natural diets, as they
provide essential
nutrients not found in
muscle meat."
Sharon Durham, Ziwi USA

Many of Champion's
dry foods and snacks
feature the meat
of multiple animals
and are inspired by a
natural diet of whole
prey animals.

gans and entrails of butchered animals, parts most humans aren't culturally inclined to consume themselves.
The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) does not
deem some by-products, such as udders and lungs, edible for human consumption; however, many parts are
safe and nutritious for animals.
These by-products may be rendered into a dried format for easy inclusion in recipes. Rendering involves
heat and pressure. The objective is to remove most of the
water and fat, producing an ingredient that is primarily
protein and minerals. Rendered products are ground to
form uniform sized particles, and hence referred to as
meal on ingredient statements.

Champion Pet Foods



"Protein meals made from offal, trim and less popular
cuts, such as necks and backs, are high in protein, low in
ash, and fat content can be lowered to below 10% if desired," says David Meeker, senior vice president of scientific services, National Renderers Association, Alexandria,
Virginia. "Rendering these materials is a food safety preventive control. Rendering gives the protein meals a long
shelf life and allows extended shipping."
Raw product must be heated as quickly as possible to destroy inherent enzymes and bacteria that could degrade the
fat and protein. In order to cook uniformly, raw product is
chopped into small pieces. This also increases production
rates and decreases energy costs. Modern cookers are controlled to reach the critical temperatures without overcooking, which can destroy nutrients and digestibility.
"Rendering of old had some unearned and earned
knocks that belie where the industry is today," Meeker says.
"Today there is more sorting of raw materials, more lines
and plants dedicated to pet food, more attention to safety
and quality, more attention to meeting customer needs and
accommodating customer specifications. Anyone avoiding
rendered products for reasons of quality, nutrition or reputation should take another look."

Whole prey nutrition
Pet owners must never forget that even after thousands of
years of domestication - archaeological records show the

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