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"Utilizing offal and other by-products of the
human meat supply chain for the highest
possible use improves the sustainability of animal
agriculture as well as the pet food industry."
David Meeker, National Renderers Association

RedBarn offers
dog chews made
from organ meats,
such as this beef
esophagus, that are
inherently high in
omega fatty acids.


first undisputed dog remains buried beside humans 14,700
years ago - cats and dogs are still carnivores from a biological standpoint. Although dogs are able to exist on properly balanced meatless diets, according to Meeker, cats are
obligate carnivores and require meat products in their diet
due to their taurine requirement and inability to convert
carotene to retinol. This means that a vegetarian diet does
not supply enough vitamin A to cats. Both species thrive on
whole prey nutrition.
"Their digestive systems are optimized to metabolize
and utilize the natural nutrients present in animals and
their organs. In the wild, carnivores will usually first open
the abdominal cavity and chest of their prey to consume
the flavorful and highly nutritious organs," Durham says.
"Organs are a vital part of cats' and dogs' natural diets, as
they provide essential nutrients not found in muscle meat."
Compared to muscle meat, organ meats have higher levels
of B vitamins and are also rich in minerals, such as phosphorus, iron, copper, magnesium and iodine. Organs are
also a good source of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.
"Much like their ancestors and wild counterparts, domestic dogs and cats relish and thrive on a diet that includes offal," Durham says. "Tripe, in particular, is an amazing natural palatant and is often recommended to entice
fussy eaters and pets with diminished appetites."
Ziwi includes heart, liver, lung, tripe and kidney in all of
its cat and dog foods, and its air-dried dog treats. Air drying is a natural way to preserve meat that eliminates the
need for artificial preservatives, sugars or glycerines. The
company's slow, gentle, twin-stage air-drying process crafts
a food that is as nutrient-dense and digestible as a completely raw diet but safe, clean to handle and can store for
up to 21 months, according to the company.
In keeping with a true, limited-ingredient diet profile,
Ziwi uses only organs from the same protein source as the
muscle meat in each recipe. "Although all organs offer great
palatability, green tripe - one of the most expensive offal
ingredients to source - provides vitamins, minerals and


amino acids, and acts as a natural palatant," Durham says.
Liver is one of the most nutrient-dense foods available. It
is particularly rich in vitamins A and B12. Heart is a natural source of taurine, a vital amino acid, and lung is high
in iron, as well as vitamins B12 and C. "Grass-fed beef and
lamb kidney is rich in omega fatty acids, which provide,
among other health benefits, anti-inflammatory properties,
and is also a great source of thiamin, riboflavin and iron,"
Durham adds.
Tamara Granger-Peet, marketing and technical support
for K-9 Kraving, Boesl Packing Co., Baltimore, Maryland,
agrees that green tripe, which is the nutrient-rich lining of
the stomach of a ruminant animal such as a cow, deer or bison, increases the prey-drive of picky eaters. "It's also a great
source of omegas to nurture skin and coat quality," she says.
At K-9 Kraving, pet food products are made from trim,
heart, liver, gizzards, fresh ground bone, whole fish, beef
tracheas, veal tendons, duck feet, duck and turkey necks,
green tripe, bull pizzle, clean beef tripe and more. "We've
tried making treats from pig testicles and beef tongue,"
Granger-Peet says. "They were fabulous but too expensive,
same with chicken feet."
"We don't like the thought of slaughtering animals any
more than other animal lovers do, but it's an unavoidable
fact," Granger-Peet explains. "So why not use as much of
the animal as possible? The sacrifice has happened. Let's
make the most of their physical gifts."
New Tripe Twist from Redbarn Pet Products L.L.C.,
Long Beach, California, is designed for dogs that love a
chew that is flaky and savory. This rawhide alternative is
highly palatable, contains no grains or gluten, and is free
from any additives, preservatives, hormones and chemicals. It's a natural, single-ingredient beef tripe chew sourced
from free-range cattle.
Redbarn's Braided Esophagus Sticks and Rings are chews
designed to help support healthy teeth and gums by breaking down plaque and tartar buildup. They also provide
mental stimulation, which can help relieve boredom and

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