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and the new RBS line, Pedigree Ovens and The Pound
Bakery has the capacity to double their baking output,
not just with an added line but also with the efficiencies
gained through automation. "With the new Reading line
we should be able to dial in our water activity a little bit
better and put that product onto a conveyor and bring
it to a holding area and then go right into packaging all
without manually handling the product," Stricker explains. "We can evolve from manually putting product
on pans and taking it to the packaging area to the product traveling by conveyor to packaging, which reduces
the handling and increases the efficiency."

Three for the money
The output potential for the company's new hot extrusion capabilities far exceeds the potential baking output
according to Stricker. And almost all the hot extrusion
output is new business. With the hot extrusion lines all
from Wenger Manufacturing, Sabetha, Kansas, Pedigree
Ovens and The Pound Bakery can now produce kibble,
long goods, semi-moist products, dental chews and coextruded chews. Initially, Stricker planned for only one
new Wenger Thermal, Twin-Screw extruder until a
customer who had heard Stricker was putting in a new
line called and explained that they had a co-extrusion
product they couldn't fill a demand for and asked if coextruded products would be available.
"So we added another extruder which made us really
versatile," Stricker says. "We were going to take one line
and make long goods and kibble. Now we have two lines
that can produce kibble and long goods at the same time,
or we can co-extrude into long goods or semi-moist
products. It was through Wenger's expertise that we
got the equipment and the versatility that we have now.
The only hot extrusion capability we had before was the
Wenger X25 and we were only making fish food."
The hot extrusion room is equipped with one Wenger
TX85 twin screw extruder, one Wenger TT760 thermal
twin screw extruder and the Wenger X25, a 5ΒΌ-in. diameter single screw extruder. "There are the three major categories of extrusion cookers used in the pet food
industry today," says Galen Rokey, process technology
director, Wenger Manufacturing, "and Kurt has a model
in each of these categories which gives him maximum
flexibility in producing the broadest range of products."
The categories include single-screw extrusion, twin
Top: The new RBS system is a complete rotary moulded biscuit
line with an AMF batch mixer, portable inline dough feed system,
large diameter die rolls, convection oven and a 3-pass dryer.
Bottom: Three holding tanks from MacProcess allow Pedigree
Ovens and The Pound Bakery the flexibility to mix different percentages of products into packages. | June 2018 | PET FOOD PROCESSING


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