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mixes," Berglund adds. "We'll be able to do that a lot
more efficiently now by blending it and transferring the
blended product to a form/fill/seal powder filler. We do
approximately 15,000-20,000 pieces per run."
The new dry blending room will also supply other
areas of production by blending the necessary ingredients and transferring them to other areas to be baked or
extruded. Stricker estimates that 60% to 70% of what is
produced in the blending room will be used for hot extrusion applications.

as beneficial to skin and coat, calming, joint aid, supportive for digestion, or just the general health of pets.

Added to the mix
Another new capability for Pedigree Ovens and The
Pound Bakery is dry blending. The dry blending room
has three ribbon blenders from A&J Mixers combined
with material handling equipment from Flexicon to convey product and further automate the process. "We are
going to be doing more and more blending," Berglund
says. "We have some customers that do dehydrated food
blends or freeze-dried food blends. We've had those opportunities over the years and said no because we didn't
have that dedicated space." The company is currently
producing a dehydrated food blend for one customer
who offers a complete and balanced dehydrated pet
food. The batch size for that customer is around 2,000
lbs., and the blended product moves by conveyer into
the packaging room where it's packaged into a bag or a
box depending on what the customer chooses.
"We do a lot of 'one and done' cake mixes or cookie

Flexible packaging
There are five automated paths that bring finished product into the packaging room. As product comes in on
conveyors, the plant is designed to allow the destination
to change depending on the packaging required. That
automated flexibility will have a huge impact on overall
production efficiency.
The packaging lines include a Bosch form/fill/sealer, a
Bosch flow wrapping machine, a Veronica Vertical VHL
Cartoner from Ultra Packaging, two Umbra pouch-

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