PET Food Processing - June 2018 - 32

ADM Animal Nutrition opens new high-capacity premix facility.
By Jennifer Semple |

City of Effingham
Mayor Jeff Bloemker
and Vince Macciocchi,
ADM senior vice president and president of
ADM's Nutrition business unit, are joined
by ADM executives
and colleagues who
helped make the new
facility possible.

Archer Daniels Midland Co. (ADM) recently opened
a new 284,000-sq.-ft. premix blending facility in
Effingham, Illinois. The new mill serves the premix and
dry ingredient blending needs for use in finished pet
foods and treats as well as animal feed for dairy, beef,
swine, poultry, aquaculture and other specialty products. Currently 80% of production serves the pet food
processing industry.
The new $35 million facility consolidates three previous ADM locations in Effingham and brings the mixing, packaging, storage, distribution operations and
64 Effingham full-time employees all under one roof.
Chuck Loefer, vice president of ADM Animal Nutrition,
says that to continue growing, ADM needed a new facility. "We went from a handful of products to hundreds
of products in just a few years. The volumes through
the existing ADM locations in Effingham doubled and
then tripled in recent years. We updated and upgraded
multiple production lines, optimized and utilized every
square inch of the facilities. We needed a whole new
plant that could meet new needs and evolving needs."
At the ribbon cutting ceremony on May 7, Effingham
Mayor Jeff Bloemker said the city and ADM have had
a good relationship for many years with both having

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a strong foundation in agriculture. A special zoning
height variance was granted by the city for a 13-story
mixing tower, a key feature in the facility's state-of-theart automated mixing and blending capabilities. The
mixing tower is the home of the in-plant transfer system
for major, minor and micro ingredients. All ingredients
first flow up into the mixing tower then using the power
of gravity are fed down through the system and are precisely blended with bulk ingredients and micro ingredients into customized blends specific to each customer.
The various processing steps, some of which are sifting,
cleaning and sizing, determined the required height of
the tower as well as extra space built in for flexibility to
meet the needs of future customers.
Vince Macciocchi, ADM senior vice president and
president of ADM's nutrition business unit, also addressed the audience at the ribbon cutting ceremony and
said ADM Animal Nutrition is focused on developing
solutions, ingredients and products for the animal health
industry. "Animal nutrition inside of ADM is one of the
five key growth pillars of the entire company," Macciocchi
said. "We're investing in the business, and we're investing in the space as evidenced by this new facility here today, our facility that was previously opened in Glencoe,

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