PET Food Processing - June 2018 - 58

"The challenge is to not case harden the larger products.
Once the product is case-hardened, it becomes
impossible to achieve the desired moisture levels."
Sam Pallottini, Reading Bakery Systems

would normally fall through the openings in other
conveyors that use larger-sized mesh.

Other moisture marvels
Dehydrators are similar to dryers. Both use convection
airflow for the heat transfer and moisture removal. Marlen
International, Riverside, Missouri, has developed a new
high-performance industrial dehydrator focused on airflow
efficiencies which enables better control of air movement
inside the cabinet. Increased air velocity over the surface of
the product results in rapid moisture removal, faster drying cycles and more uniform process conditions. Marlen's
design keeps a permanent balance of supply and return air
for better performance which is essential for repeatable results. "We monitor relative humidity during the dehydration process," says Marty Wimmer, thermal product sales
manager for Marlen International. "Product uniformity is


uniform baking of rotary molded and extruded pet treat products
with easy-to-use recipe control
full humidity control for optimum baking climate
heat recovery unit for saving up to 15% of surplus heat and reduction
of CO2 emission
hygienic design with easy access to the inside of the oven
modular design allowing easy installation and expansion


critical for dehydration. More innovative dehydration technologies ensure efficient management of process air which
leads to faster drying times with less energy consumption
compared to older, less efficient models."
Larger, denser and grain-free products hold more
water and can be challenging to dry. Radio Frequency,
Millis, Massachusetts, offers a Macrowave post-baking
dryer that preferentially heats and dries the moist interior of products, eliminating the interior drying requirement from the oven and potentially improving
productivity and profitability of an existing line.
"Product moisture uniformity is a critical product
characteristic for pet food and pet treats, as it affects
product quality, downstream processes and profitability,"
Barber says. Finding the right combination of baking
and drying technology gives processors the tools needed
to deliver consistent, quality pet foods and treats. PFP

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