PET Food Processing - June 2018 - 70


Paperless Food Safety & Sanitation Management System
KLEANZ Mobile for iOS and Android devices enables a processor's
food safety program to be completely paperless. KLEANZ from Nexcor
Technologies is the only complete food safety compliance solution that
focuses on mitigating risk, driving continuous improvement and adhering to all applicable compliance requirements while managing resources.
KLEANZ has been the industry leader for over 25 years and is available for
desktop, enterprise and mobile environments.

Weighing Efficiency and Simplicity for Pet Food Processors
The Ishida CCW-RV, their latest and most advanced multihead weigher, ensures weight accuracy and quality control for cat and dog food for small and
large target weights. Special embossed surfaces help to ensure a smooth
flow of product throughout the weigher, and product changeovers can be
carried out at the touch of a button. Also, the weigher is very easy to dismantle for cleaning, minimizing downtime. Available from Heat and Control
in North America.

Making Pet Food Taste Better
Even the highest quality, most nutritious pet foods are of no value if dogs
and cats won't eat them. That's where AFB International's people and
products make a crucial difference. AFB International is a trusted partner
in pet food palatability performance. The company's consultative approach
- working with pet food companies to understand their kibble matrix, performance goals, processes and equipment - ensures that solutions are tailored to each customer's specific needs.

FoodSafe Technologies, a leader is shelf-life stability
products, introduces SafeNature-SUN antioxidant
SafeNature-SUN harnesses the power of natural antioxidants delivered in
in natural antioxidant products that can be delivered in custom variations,
including made-in-U.S.A. from U.S.A. ingredients and non-GMO product
versions for premium pet foods seeking enhanced label claims.

Dicing for Fresh and Tempered Meats
The TWISAN dicer from TREIF provides solutions pet food producers need.
The TWISAN addresses the challenges of cutting products like beef, pork,
chicken and fish whether they be fresh or tempered down to 24°F. When
cutting meat for freeze-dried or dehydrated pet treats, precision and consistency are needed. No other technology offers the level of performance,
safety, hygiene or value as the TWISAN from TREIF.



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