PET Food Processing - June 2018 - 71

Traditional and Natural Shelf Life Solutions
Camlin Fine Sciences (CFS) offers a full line of both traditional and natural
shelf life solutions to protect pet food and its ingredients from oxidation.
The Xtendra brand of traditional antioxidants are a cost-effective solution
while the NaSure brand of natural antioxidants and extracts offers companies a natural choice when extending shelf life. Oxidation can negatively
affect flavor, aroma, texture and nutrients. CFS helps processors address
shelf life requirements.

Middleby Brands Combine Seamlessly into Breakthrough
Pet Food Processing Solutions
Middleby pet food processing know-how creates fully-integrated systems
that include grinding, blending, material handling, emulsifying, rotary molding, sheeting-and-cutting, drying, baking and bulk packaging. Middleby provides centralized, single-source project management with proven, guaranteed system solutions for canned, freeze-dried, kibble and treat applications.

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